The initiation of Planting the Tree of Freedom, Peace, and Justice (PT-FPJ)

Plant the tree of Freedom is a non-profit initiative, that aims to recover the dead trees, and commemorate to martyrs of the savage massacres that occurred and support the war victims during the 30 years of the Islamic Front Party regime in Sudan. Objectives: 1. To enhance the sustainable development, starting from the bottom, where the target communities and beneficiaries are set to play a key role in the activities and coordination of the construction and rehabilitation projects. 2. To contribute in building the comprehensive, fast and fair peace process in Sudan. 3. Show the real values of the regions where the martyrs came from. 4. Gather and involve volunteers from the war affected regions in order to employ them later. 5. Enhance the horizontal and the vertical communication through developing of, by making connection networks between projects’ individuals and their communities, and between these communities and the outside world.